Mould King Tree House Building Set with Light Kit - 3958 Pieces

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The Tree House is a building set designed for children and adults who enjoy building and assembling structures. This set features a highly-detailed tree house with multiple levels, rooms, and features, including a transfer hook and elevator. The set includes 3958 pieces, including a light set, animals, and accessories.

The tree house is built on a 48x48 base and has a tall trunk that supports the various levels. The set measures 57.4cm in length x 44.3cm in width x 53.3 in height.

This tree House is designed to challenge and engage builders of all levels, with its intricate details and fun features. It is a great way to exercise creativity and imagination, while also developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Printed Instructions are Included
No Mini-figures are included.
USA shipping only.
Compatible with ALL Major Brands.


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