What is Brickpatible.com about?

We are an online retailer that sells compatible style toy bricks. We want to give people a high quality, lower cost alternative to the major name brand.  Also see the About Us page.


 What are TCM Bricks?

TCM Bricks sells high quality bricks and building pieces that are compatible with all major brands.  Mix and Build with your existing L*G0 collection.


Why should I buy TCM Bricks instead of any other brand?

TCM Bricks offer a similar experience as the leading name brand in terms of look, feel, color and fit, but at a much lower price, saving money is always good. 


Aren't these just copies of the name brand?

There are some subtle differences, some more noticeable than others. The patents on the name brand expired many years ago, TCM Bricks sells what some would consider aftermarket, generic, or compatible products. TCM Bricks are the highest quality compatible bricks we have ever come across. 


I'm a devoted LEG0 fan, I would never consider anything else.

That's OK, but having more choices in the market place is a good thing. There is no denying the leading brand is excellent but some of us have grown tired of paying the high prices.  TCM Bricks can offer a similar experience for a much lower price.


What about compatibility?

TCM Bricks are compatible with all the major brands except the large preschool style of bricks.


How do I find products with the search bar?

You can search by Color, Category or a Part Description.


Shipping and Handling Time?

Handling time to process your order takes 1 business day,  possibly longer on larger orders.

Shipping is through USPS and is usually 1-3 days.

Shipping is a flat rate of $4.99 regardless of order size USA only.

International flat rate shipping: $10.99 to Canada, $16.99 Worldwide.


 Return and Refund Policy?

Brickpatible.com has a 30-day money back guarantee and FREE return shipping. USA Only.

International customers are responsible for the return shipping.

If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, use the Contact Us form with subject "refund" and order number and follow the instructions provided on the return email.


What if I'm missing pieces or have a defective part?

Contact the Contact Us form and a replacement will be sent. If the product is sold out a refund will be issued or the item can be exchanged. 


How do I submit photos of projects I made with TCM Bricks?

Please use the Contact Us form with a brief description and the author credit.


What about comments, questions & problems not addressed?

Please use the Contact Us form for any concerns. We will be happy to assist.


Who do I contact about website problems?

Please use the Contact Us form with a description of the problem.