About Us


At Brickpatible.com, we are avid AFOL (Adult Fans of L*G0) but with there being so many fantastic, but large designs out there from the community our hobby has ballooned into something really expensive. Some of the really large builds would cost in the thousands to build.  We tried to justify the money spent as an investment, but the reality is only the new unopened sets MIGHT appreciate in value while the used sets and project builds generally depreciate.  We had to find a suitable alternative in order to continue or be forced to find a cheaper hobby.  Finding inexpensive bricks for kids was easy, but as adults, we have higher demands and finding a GOOD alternative brick is no easy task.  We had simple criteria: Good to great quality, color match to the bricks already in our collection, proper fit, an extensive catalog of parts (not just the basic bricks) and of course a lower cost.


We tried SO many various brands, but all were sub-par for one reason or another, we were almost ready to give up, until we stumbled across this obscure manufacture.  T.C.M. Bricks™ are from a small tier 2 manufacture that is a supplier to a much larger OEM.  Previously these bricks were only available to a select few, but we brokered a deal and are making these excellent compatible bricks available to the general public. Thus Brickpatible.com is born, you are not going to find T.C.M. Bricks™ at any other retailer or even on AliExpress. They are only being sold at Brickpatible.com or from our eBay store of the same name.


 T.C.M. Bricks™ are very similar to the name brand in terms of look, color, feel and fit.  Their catalog of parts is large and they offer near leading brand quality at a much lower price. They are an outstanding option to use instead of the excellent but very expensive major brand. T.C.M. Bricks™ fulfilled our needs and we feel they are the best aftermarket,  compatible or  generic replacement solution on the market. 


If you have grown tired of paying the high prices for the name brand, then you need to try T.C.M. Bricks™. Whether you need additional bricks for a project or want to fill missing bricks in your collection T.C.M Bricks™ is a great choice.