Mould King SW T1 Bomber - 3616 Pieces

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The T1 Bomber is a building set designed for children and adults who enjoy building and assembling spacecraft. The T1 bomber was used for destroying large starships and pinpoint-precision bombing. The T1 bomber had two hulls next to each other; the starboard hull carried the pilot, and the port carried a pair of general-purpose warhead launchers, enabling them to carry a variety of weapons tailored for the mission.

The set includes over 3600 pieces, features a cockpit that opens and has adjustable solar collector wings. Once completed it measures 36 cm x 36.5 cm x 26 cm.

The set is designed to challenge and engage builders of all levels, the T1 Bomber is a fun and exciting addition to any collection of building sets or space-themed toys, and provides hours of enjoyment and entertainment.

Printed Instructions Included.
No Mini-figures are included.
USA shipping only.
Compatible with Major brand.

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