Mould King SW Old Republic Zenith Escort Cruiser - 8338 Pieces

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The Old Republic Zenith Escort Cruiser is a building set designed for children and adults who enjoy building and assembling spacecraft. The Zenith Escort Cruiser was designed to escort diplomatic missions. Four main engines and three thrusters allow the Zenith to achieve high speeds comparing to ships of the same size, both in sub-Luminar and superluminar speed. It has a strong deflector shield, that could also protect any docked ship. The armament is composed of 3 twin-mounted turbolasers, 20 double laser turrets, ion cannon, concussion missiles and proton torpedoes.

The set includes over 8,300 pieces, including accessories, and decorative pieces. The set is designed to challenge and engage builders of all levels, with its intricate details.
The Old Republic Zenith Escort Cruiser is a fun and exciting addition to any collection of building sets or space-themed toys, and provides hours of enjoyment and entertainment.

Printed Instructions Included.
No Mini-figures are included.
USA shipping only.
Compatible with Major brand.
Heavy/Large item, will ship in a box showing the contents via UPS




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