Mould King SW 1st Order Command Shuttle Set - 6860 Pieces

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The 1st Order Shuttle is a building set designed for children and adults who enjoy building and assembling spacecraft.  The Command Shuttle is a commonly used vehicle by the first order senior officer. It has unique shapes and excellent performance. The huge wings of the spacecraft are full of defense systems to protect their important passengers. It can make a great scene with other SW products in your collection. 

The set includes over 6,800 pieces, including accessories, and decorative pieces. The shuttle is built on a sturdy frame and has large, moveable wings. The interior of the shuttle is detailed with seats, room for 7 Mini-figures, control panels, and a command center.

The set is designed to challenge and engage builders of all levels, with its intricate details and functional features. The 1st Order Shuttle is a fun and exciting addition to any collection of building sets or space-themed toys, and provides hours of enjoyment and entertainment.

Printed Instructions Included.
No Mini-figures are included.
USA shipping only.
Compatible with Major brand.


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