Mould King Pub & Restaurant Modular Building Set with Light Kit- 3992 Pieces

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This building block set lets you create a charming pub and restaurant. With 3992 pieces, this set is recommended for builders aged 14 and up. Once completed, the set measures approximately 26cm in length, 26cm in width, and 30cm in height.

The set features a detailed and realistic design, with brickwork and architectural elements that give it an authentic feel. It includes various elements of a traditional pub and restaurant, such as a bar area, dining tables and chairs, a removable kitchen, and even a small outdoor seating area. The set also comes with a number of accessories, including food and drink items, kitchen utensils, and even a dartboard.  Functional items in the set include a retractable awning on the first floor, blinds that open & close and retractable windows on the second floor.

The instructions provided with the set are clear and easy to follow, but builders can also choose to modify or customize the design to create their own unique version of the pub and restaurant. Whether you're a fan of building block sets or simply enjoy creating miniature scenes, the pub and restaurant set is sure to provide hours of fun and a satisfying finished product.

Includes printed Instructions.
No Mini-figures are included.
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