Mould King SW Monarch Imperial Star Destroyer - 11885 Pieces

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The Imperial-class I Star Destroyer measures about 46.4 in.(118 cm) long, 28.3 in.(72 cm) width and 14.9 in.(38 cm) height, and it's made up of 11885 pieces building bricks. With such huge size, detailed parts and highly restored appearance, it perfectly for fans of space toys and building blocks to own as an exclusive collection

From the design of an ion engine, berthing port, turret to deflector shield, this imperial star destroyer toy highly replicates the look seen in movies, and there are more details waiting star lover to discover.

The imperial star destroyer model contains a full-color instruction manual showing easy understanding and following steps. For convenience, the building bricks are put into separate bags according to assembly order. Compatible with other brands, you can combine them together to build your galactic empire fleet.

Printed Instructions Included.
No Mini-figures are included.
USA shipping only.
Compatible with Major brand.
Heavy/Large item, will ship in a box via UPS


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