Jie Star The Costume Shop Moudular Building Set - 3065 Pieces

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A modular challenge that offers 3 floors of fun, with bright and striking colors in a total of 3065 pieces.
Inside the costume store there are a dressing room, fireplace, make-up table, hats and a rear exit, on the other side of the building, the entrance to the floor, and a kitchen.
On the first floor, there is an open room with a door to a terrace. In the diaphanous room, a bedroom, a sofa, the chimney with bookcase, a piano, a balcony and stairs to the second floor. In the attic there is a folding bed, furniture and a tree costume.  
The stone fireplace goes up the whole building, and at its base,  is a sliding plate to change the wood trunks. 

3065 Pieces
Compatible with major brands.
6 Mini-figures Included
Paper instructions are included.
USA shipping only.

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