Mould King SW Eclipse Class Dreadnought SSD Starship Set - 10,368 Pieces

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The Eclipse Class Dreadnought SSD is a highly detailed and advanced brick set designed for building a replica of the famous spacecraft from the SW universe. It is a large-scale model that captures the essence and intricate details of the Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer (SSD) with precision.

The set consists of over 10,000 bricks and specialized pieces that allow you to recreate the iconic design of the Eclipse Class Dreadnought SSD.

With its impressive size, the Eclipse Class SSD showcases the grandeur of the original spacecraft. The set also includes numerous moving parts and play features. These include a detailed command bridge, troop quarters, armory, detention area, turbolaser turrets, and docking ports, among others. These movable components and interactive elements enhance the playability of the model, providing an immersive experience for SW enthusiasts of all ages.

Printed Instruction Manual Included.
No Mini-figs are Included.
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