Urge Aquarium Ocean Museum Building Set- 2249 Pieces

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2249 Pieces

The Aquarium is now open for business! It has a sleek, modern design on the outside and three floors of exciting exhibits on the inside.

Ground floor
First room:
- front desk to buy tickets
- giant fish tank with the tropical fish
- small round wall tank holding a unique species of starfish
Second room:
- fish food preparation room with lockers, a sink, and shark repellant ( just in case)
Third room:
- Another giant tank with tropical fish
- the Giant octopus tank, a perfect spot for a photo shoot
- exit to the stairs leading to the second floor

Second floor:
- The aquarium's snack bar with a table and chairs
- The Penguin exhibit
- The baby sea turtle exhibit
- Exit to the stairs leading to the upper floor and a ladder that leads up to the roof

Third floor:
- A prep room outside of the seals exhibit
- The seals exhibit 
- Two additional fish tank with different species of fish
- Additional table and chairs by the windows

- Filtration tanks that help keep the aquarium's water healthy
- Hinged skylights that provide additional access to the top floor

- A beautiful fountain 
- Environmental control system for the penguin exhibit on the back of the building

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